At Security Bonds Limited we are dedicated to providing financial protection in the form of Security Bonds.

We set up Security Bonds Limited (SBL) with the mission to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have financial protection when someone is legally appointed to look after their financial affairs. 

For over 40 years security Bonds have been used to successfully protect clients under a Deputyship.  Bonds of this nature have proved invaluable with millions of pounds paid out by Insurers in Claims.  However there has been no equivalent for clients under an Appointeeship or Power of Attorney UNTIL NOW.

We are proud to say that after years of extensive research and development we have developed two groundbreaking Bonds, one which protects Claimants under an Appointeeship and one which protects Donor/Granters under a Power of Attorney.

There have been many challenges but we think the Bonds offer value for money whilst also ensuring sustainability so the Bonds can be claimed upon without barriers for years to come.


Having worked previously for some of the largest insurance Brokers in the world, the team has over 50 years’ experience in the Security Bond market and bring knowledge and expertise to this niche area.

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