Appointee Bonds

Alongside Money Carer Foundation and Aviva, we have developed a brand new security Bond specifically for Claimants and Appointees. The Bond only costs £35 a year and offers financial protection to a Claimant in the event of misappropriation by the Appointee.

Cover & Services

The Bond has a range of features which has been tailored to the needs of the Claimant and the Appointee.

The Bond also has a unique extra level of protection as it covers Appointees if an honest mistake made by them results in a financial loss.


Our team has over 50 years’ experience issuing security bonds for Clients who are the subject of a Deputyship.  Over the years these Bonds have been claimed against to recover millions of pounds due to misappropriation by Deputies.

During that time it has been observed that Claimants do not have the same financial protection and if misuse of funds occurs there is little or no recourse for the Claimant as there has been no Bond available…..until now!!

Claimants under an Appointeeship can now benefit from the same financial protection clients under a Deputyship have experienced for years.

We have developed a brand new Bond specifically tailored for Claimants and Appointees. The Bond offers £16,000 of cover in the event of misappropriation by the Appointee.

The Bond only costs £35.00 a year

Aviva Insurance Limited are the Surety Company, who would pay out in the event of a valid claim.

During the development of the Bond one of the main considerations has been to ensure there were no barriers to claims being paid quickly and efficiently.

  1. Notify us to request a claim form.
  2. Complete and return the claim form with appropriate supporting evidence
  3. Insurers will confirm whether further information is needed before paying claims where a covered loss has been identified.

Apply for your appointee bond online today

The bond can be purchased via our online application system.  The application will only take a few minutes with confirmation document sent by email.  You will also receive a payment invoice inviting you to setup a direct debit

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