Deputy Bonds

We are pleased to be able to offer Deputy Bonds.  The Bond is a guarantee to pay any financial losses suffered by ‘P’ arising from the Deputy’s failure to perform their duties as directed by the Court of Protection and/or Office of the Public Guardian.

Cover & Services

The Bond has a range of features which has been tailored to the needs of ‘P’ and the Deputy.  One of our main features is our payment options.  We are able to offer a one-off payment option enabling a big premium saving.  We also offer an annual payment option with no further premiums requested after 5 years.


Our team has over 50 years’ experience issuing security bonds for Clients who are the subject of a Deputyship.  Over the years these Bonds have been claimed against to recover millions of pounds due to misappropriation by Deputies.

We are able to offer bonds ranging from £10,000 to £5 million with a choice of payment options to best suit ‘P’.

Our one-off payment option can lead to savings of up to 65% compared to the 5 year payment.

Aviva Insurance Limited are the Surety Company, who would pay out in the event of a valid claim.

Apply for your deputy bond online today

The bond can be purchased via our online application system.  The application will only take a few minutes with confirmation document sent by email.  You will then receive a payment invoice with details of the payment options available.

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