Power of Attorney Bond

We are delighted to say that we are the company to pioneer a Bond to safeguard people who choose to make a Power of Attorney (PoA).  The Bond, available in England, Wales and Scotland, can work alongside the PoA to give that extra peace of mind when someone else is given financial control over your finances and assets.

Why Purchase a Bond?

The Bond will give the Donor/Granter, Attorneys and other family members the peace of mind that financial assets are always protected.

Premiums start from just £99, with no further payments required.  Other benefits of a Bond include:-

  1. The Donor can choose the amount of cover to suit their needs (which can also be amended at any time)
  2. Bond can be claimed upon for an honest mistake by an Attorney
  3. Quick claims payout
  4. Simple application

Whilst most Attorneys have the best interests of the Donor/Granter, sadly this has been proven to not always be the case. Even Attorneys with the persons interests at heart can make a mistake, meaning your financial situation can be compromised. The Bond will give you peace of mind knowing that your financial affairs will be protected.

Only when there is a risk – that would be when the LPA is being or has been registered, without any restrictions on when it is used.

Premiums start from just £99 for £25,000 of cover for the lifetime of the Power of Attorney.  For more information please contact us for a premium rating table.

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