Bonds completing the Circle of Care

We offer a range of bonds to protect people when someone is legally appointed to look after their financial affairs.  We have pioneered two groundbreaking bonds ensuring there is now peace of mind and financial safety for Claimants, Donors and Granters.  The team has over 50 years’ experience in the security bond market and bring knowledge and expertise to this important area.


Bond costs £35 a year

We have developed a brand new security Bond specifically for Claimants and Appointees.

The Bond offers £16,000 of cover in the event of misappropriation by the Appointee.

  • Simple online application
  • Valid claims paid within 7 working days
  • Access to 24 hour legal helpline


One-off premiums from £30

The Bond safeguards the assets and estates of “P” from financial losses suffered by them as a result of the failure of the Deputy to perform the agreed duties expected by the Public Guardian.
  • Various payment options
  • Free retrospective cover
  • Simple online application


Premiums from only £99

Premiums start from just a one-off payment of £99 for the lifetime of the LPA/PoA.

The Bond provides financial safety for a Donor/Granter under a Power of Attorney, giving protection and peace of mind when someone else is given financial control over their affairs.

  • Simple paper application (online coming soon)
  • Cover starts at £25k with bonds also available to cover millions of pounds
  • Valid claims paid within 7 working days

We’ll explain and manage the bond application from start to finish

We pride ourselves on customer service.  We are always here to help, not only during the bond application but also throughout the lifetime of the bond.


Bond applications can be made by Lay or Professional people.  A ‘Lay’ person will be a family member, friend or relative, who does not raise invoices for their time and is not covered by a professional indemnity insurance policy.

A professional person will be paid formally for their services, raise invoices for their time and will be covered by a professional indemnity insurance policy for their work.

If a claim is required on a bond, please inform us as soon as possible.  For the Appointee and LPA Bond a claim form will need to be completed.  Please also inform the appropriate government agency (Office of the Public Guardian, local safeguarding team etc).

For Deputy Bonds the Court of Protection investigates if a claim is required and issues a Court Order to call in the bond.

Upon payment of the premium the Bond will be deemed to have been in force from the date of your appointment, with all previous activities automatically being covered by the Bond. 

This cover may not apply in all scenarios. Please refer to the terms of the bond, along with the important information and key facts documents.

We understand that there are a lot of questions about how Bonds work and how they can be set up. To find out more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Apply for your Bond today

The Appointee and Deputy Bonds can be purchased via our online application system.  The application only takes a few minutes with confirmation documents sent by email.

The LPA/PoA Bond is currently available via a paper form, which can be requested here. (an online application is coming soon)

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