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We are very pleased to provide visitors to our website contact for some firms, companies and charities we've met or worked with along the way through our many years of working in bonds that protect vulnerable people.   We have had the privilege of working with many firms and also hearing about services others offer over the years.  We hope that, if you have worries, concerns or need assistance, you will find a link here to help you. 

We have to confirm that we are not in a position to recommend any firm, company, charity or the actions or services they may provide to you or the accuracy of any information provided.  We do not receive a remuneration for any links used here.  Firms and companies that appear on our website page "Information Hub" do so to provide a contact only.

Charities, Societies and Social Enterprises

SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisers)

Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA)

SOLLA helps people and their families in finding trusted accredited financial advisers who are experienced in working with and understanding financial needs in later life.

The complexities of the many decisions you or your family may need to face when looking at issues such as care funding matters or whether equity release is the right thing for you, need careful and considered advice. Good financial advice should help you make clear and informed decisions knowing that you have had the information and choices presented to you in a way that helps you make the best choices and decisions for you or for a family member.

Go to our Find an Adviser page on our website where you can search for an adviser who is local and can ensure you have the peace of mind that you are making the right financial choices to secure your future.

SFE Solicitors for the Elderly

SFE was set up in 1996 and set out to be a specialist group of lawyers to support and make a difference to older and vulnerable people. By vulnerable we mean people who may not be able bodied and/or who may be mentality incapacitated i.e. they need help to make decisions or they can’t make decisions for themselves.
SFE is now a national organisation with over 1600 members across the United Kingdom and a separate group in the Republic of Ireland, all of whom are fully committed to our ethos.

We support our members by providing them with expert training and best practice: keep them up to date with any market developments; promote them through our website and press coverage; help them to help each other through our members advice forum as well as running national and regional events and keeping them up to date with the latest case law related to older clients.


The Money Carer Foundation provides a long-established and trusted appointeeship service for thousands of vulnerable adults across the UK established in 2009.

They are entirely independent and assist thousands of individuals, some with very complicated circumstances, by managing their day-to-day finances and working alongside the people who also support them such as carers, social workers and other professionals. Their independence enables them to avoid conflicts of interest when undertaking fiduciary responsibilities to act in the best interest of clients.

They also offer a bespoke account called MONIKA - it is the proprietary banking and payments platform and is the engine that has supported the organisation's 10,000 plus accounts over the last 14 years.  

Over 250 law firms and local authorities use Monika to open FSCS protected bank accounts instantly and they are delighted to be able to open up the entire functionality of the platform to Court of Protection appointed Deputies and DWP Appointees, in partnership with Cashplus bank.


Pragmatic Practitioners aim is for better, more professional assistance to people at difficult times in their lives. These may be disabled people, those experiencing mental health difficulties or elderly people. Some of these people may be in vulnerable situations and we believe it is essential that they are able to exercise their rights in the same way as anyone else.

We do this through:

  • Work to understand the knowledge of other practitioner’s professional knowledge and practice and to incorporate that into our own work to provide more complete assistance
  • Build an evidence base of case examples that show how to manage complexity in ways that people can establish control over their own lives
  • Use our knowledge and experience for advocacy with government and local public bodies to create a regulatory, policy and funding environment that is effective in supporting people

Dedicated Organisations


Finders International are an award-winning probate genealogy firm established by Danny Curran in 1997. We trace missing heirs and beneficiaries to estates, funds and assets worldwide. We offer a free, effective and efficient next of kin tracing service for the public sector, including councils, hospitals, care homes, coroners, housing associations and charities, often locating heirs in 24 hours.
The speed of our service means families are able to attend the Deceased’s funeral and inherit the estate sooner, as well as saving the public sector valuable time and money. Without our assistance,
these cases could remain unsolved for years, and sometimes forever.
All our advice and quotations are free of charge or obligation. There is no minimum estate value and all our work is undertaken at our own risk and expense. We can also provide access to free legal
advice for next of kin from our selected panel of independent SRA regulated solicitors (no referral fees are paid to us).
Aside from our HQ in London, we also have offices in Edinburgh and Dublin and were awarded ‘Probate Research Firm of the Year’ 4 years in a row at the Probate Research awards (2019-2022) and the same award at the 2020 British Wills and Probate Awards.
We are also the founding members of the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists and Heir Hunters (IAPPR), which aims to provide a single, authoritative voice to an unregulated sector. For further information visit our website
telephone +44(0) 20 74904935 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specialist Solicitors

Culver Law

Culver Law are specialists in acting for those who lack capacity. Michael Culver is a Court of Protection panel deputy and is appointed by the Court to act for people in the case of family disputes or where an attorney has been removed.

Michael is often entrusted to act as an attorney for our clients directly and we often find that appointing a professional can prevent disputes within the family. We can also assist with concerns about an attorney or deputies actions, decision making around who to appoint as an attorney, and applications to the Court of Protection.

Michael Culver is the chairman of Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE), an organisation of over 1500 legal professionals specialising in later life services for the elderly and vulnerable.

Anthony Gold

Our Court of Protection and Trusts and Estate teams help to manage the affairs of people who need support due to a lack of mental capacity, or those entrusted to act in their stead. We ensure strong financial controls are in place, managing funds totalling hundreds of millions of pounds.

We give exceptional support to vulnerable people and our excellence is acknowledged by the OPG, Court of Protection, Lexcel, the Official Solicitor, local authorities, legal directories, the intermediaries we work with and by the people we value the most, our clients. In addition, we were shortlisted for the 2023/24 STEP Private Client Awards in the category of ‘Vulnerable Client Advisory Practice of the Year’.

As founding partner of the ‘Give an Hour’ scheme from Hourglass, a UK charity dedicated to ending the abuse of older people, our experienced and knowledgeable teams provide pro bono preliminary legal advice to assist vulnerable individuals via their 24/7 helpline.

The values of the charity, which has over 10,000 users, are closely aligned with our business ethos and core values.

e. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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